2021 Summer Assignments

  • Summer Academic assignments are required in English and Math for all students.

    All math assignments begin on June 1, 2020 and are to be completed by September 1, 2020. The assignments are based on the course you will be enrolled in for the 2019-2020 school year. These can be done on an iPad or desktop computer. The following assignments can be found at www.ixl.com. If you have any questions or problems after May 31, please email beckmann.joneva@stcharlescatholic.org.

    English assigments are linked below. Students will be held accountable for their summer reading assignments which will count as grades for the first nine weeks.  Please refer to the "Related Files" link below for information on the list of books and assignments. Please be advised that all juniors and seniors registered for Language and Composition - AP and/or Dual Enrollment English are required to do summer assignments for the upcoming school year. Please note deadlines. 

    2021 Summer Math Assignments

    Note to all Algebra I Students: IXL program's codes have been changed to add new categories which has affected the summer assignment list and their codes that were assigned.  The descriptions are the same, but the letter of the code has changed by 2 letters past the letter of the alphabet that was on the summer list.  The first 2 assignments are still correct, so C3 and C7 assignments are correct. They are still all on the 8th grade level for review.  Here are the new letters for the other 9 assignments that were changed by the IXL company: H2, H5, H9, J10, X7, X13, X15, Y7, Y8. Please note that whatever you have done so far is correct and complete and we have received this work.  As such, there is no need to redo any assignments that have already been completed.  If you have not completed some of the assignments, please use the corrected codes above to complete your work.

    On behalf of the IXL company, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please email Math Department Head, Mrs. Beckmann, Beckmann.joneva@stcharlescatholic.org, if you have any questions about these assignments.

    Math Summer Assignments

    2021 English Summer Assignments


    English Summer Reading for 8-12

    AP English Literature

    Language & Composition AP Summer Assignment

    English 101 Dual Enrollment Summer Assignment