Senior Class of 2022


2021 Senior Day Of Recollection

  • Our annual Senior Day of Recollection for the Class of 2022 was held at St. Charles Borromeo on November 10th, 2021. Many of the students were moved by a special talk from Brandon Herbert and Lisa Benoit. This is one of the few times the seniors can share sentimental time  besides graduation. The students enjoyed loosening up with some icebreakers and group activities. One of the activities was giving away pieces of a paper heart to the students' best friends and those they wish they got to know better. This activity was very powerful, and it moved many students because the love they felt from their peers was unforgettable. 

    When asked about this retreat, Julia Gilbert stated, “We started this year with so many un-knowns. It took a long time for things to be “normal” but slowly we are getting there. This retreat gave the class of 2022 a different perspective on the few years we have struggled through. It was an unforgettable day and something I will defiantly treasure."

    The seniors were blessed to have such a wonderful afternoon with their teachers, classmates, and speakers. Dillon Brown said, “My favorite part was sharing pieces of our hearts with our classmates. I never realized how many people admire others. It was awesome to see people recognize others for their accomplishments.”

    The seniors are looking forward to the overnight retreat which takes place toward the end of the year. Our class of 2022 is growing closer each and everyday, and they cannot express how much they enjoyed their day with everyone.